Foam-Kleen Air-Con Cleaning

Breathe Healthier Air with Foam-Kleen Air-Con Evaporator Cleaner

While you are on the road, ambient air circulates through the air-con ventilation system. Pollutants and contaminations could get trapped in the evaporator making it a breeding ground for mould, bacteria, pollutants etc. resulting in foul odours and polluted air, loss of air volume and cooling efficiency.

Foam-Kleen is a special chemical-foam system designed to flush clean your evaporator twice a year for car under normal use.

  • Non-corrosive chemical, therefore no corrosive residues
  • No dismantling of evaporator for most vehicles, therefore no danger of damaging the coil
  • Safe to use – tested by Setsco
  • Flushes out bacteria, moulds, dirt, foul, odours, etc.
  • Increases air flow volume and restores cooling efficiency

Shocking Fact!

A microbiologist at Georgia State University tested the evaporator systems of 32 cars and found that everyone of them was infested with up to 12 types of bacteria, mold and fungi! Don’t you deserve to breathe clean, healthy air in your car all year?