Dinitrol Wax Coating

About Dinitrol Wax Coating

Dinitrol Wax Coating for rust  protection of boxed in areas and difficult to access areas

DINITROL Waxcoating System protects steel structures (cranes, bridges, roofs, containers) offering a thixotropic, high-penetrating product to prevent existing rust from spreading.

For longer period of Corrosion Protection, a compatible stronger rust protection product is applied over the penetrating product.

The waxcoating is ideal for iron, steel, zinc, and aluminum structures like bridges, road barriers, and tanks.

Versatile Use:

Versatile Use:
Suitable for various structures prone to rust, including brewery pipes, transformers, and wind power rotor blades.

Effective Rust Repair:
Ideal for preventing existing rust from spreading on bolt joints, edges, and corners, ensuring an unbroken film layer.

Closed Cavities:
Applied to wind power rotor interiors, managing rust in closed spaces with high centrifugal force.

Solving Problems

Bridge Bolts:
Prevents rust around bolts, ensuring longevity and preventing cracking, crucial in bridge structures.

Brewery Pipes:
Resists cracks caused by temperature variations, providing superior, long-lasting anti-corrosion protection.

Coating sharp edges ensures complete coverage, ideal for outdoor transformers exposed to the elements.

Wind Power Rotor:
Offers effective corrosion protection in badly ventilated closed spaces, preventing weakening and maintaining strength.

Pillars and Tubes:
Protects against corrosion in difficult-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough rust protection.

DINITROL Waxcoating System provides a reliable solution for diverse corrosion challenges in a range of industrial applications.

For external surfaces protection against rust, stone chip  resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion and other harsh environment, We have Rock Kote  to complement Wax Coating.