Dinitrol ML

About Industrial Corrosion Protection

Tuffi has been representing Dinol GMBH.,the well-known Corrosion Protection Specialist for 50 years.

We have been marketing the famous Tuff-Kote Dinol Automotive Rustproofing and Dinitrol Products for Industrial ,Manufacturing, Marine and Aviation, and Dinitrol specialised products for Heavy Duty Vehicles and Equipment operating under harsh industrial environments.

Dinitrol products has been applied on vehicles and gone through Functionality Tests where they are being tested them under harsh and severe environments.

Some Dinitrol Products can be removed after a predefined period by use of solvents, degreasers, or power washing systems. In the event where removal is required, the protection needs to be removed mechanically.

Different Dinitrol products have different characteristics and are optimised for different used cases and scenarios. With our substantially long experience in the industry, Tuffi can advise our customers on their individual needs for Corrosion Protection and Prevention Maintenance using Dinitrol Products.

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Polishing and Paint Protection Products from ALL CHEM, Italy

One Step Cut And Polish Compound
Improved Formula
  • Ultra High Definition (Finest final High Gloss) One Step Polishing (remove P1500)
  • Two steps Polishing (remove P1000)
  • Easy Wipe
  • Drying Free
  • More Creamy New Formula
  • Same Cutting Power
  • Hologram Free Result
  • Low Consumption
  • No Dusting
  • No Splattering
  • 5in1-Work like a Coarse, Medium, Fine, Ultrafine, Hologram Free Compound

No Holograms After Car Wash or IPA

Nano Tech 9H Paint Protection.
(460 / 3 year)

NANO CLEAR PROTECTIVE COAT For Paints, Glass, Gelcoat, Furniture, Chrome – with hydrophobic, scratch- resistant (9H hardness), anti-ice, self- cleaning properties, etc.

Nano Ceramic Polymer Paint Protection
Improved Formula
  • Super Deep Gloss
  • Easy-On & Easy-Off
  • Wet Look
  • Long Lasting Protection (150 hand washes)
  • Immediatly Super Hydrophobic
  • Very Fine Abrasive (Remove Light Scratches)
  • Apply by Hand or by Machine
  • For Paints, Clear Coats and Gelcoats
  • UV Protection inside
  • Light Cut & Protection
  • Light Green Color

Super Hydrophobic Effect

Max gloss result
Significant reduction of
PTFE Polymer Paint Protection

Pink or Black protective polish.
Polish for all types of paints, container PTFE

Spray Detailer

Polish spruzzabile lucidante

DA Polishing machines
(700-15 15mm, 21mm)

Low vibrations fast cutting
Guaranteed saving polishing time

Spray Ceramic Protection

All in one, abrasive and finish, eliminates the marks left by P1500 sanding and finishes with a ceramic treatment.

Spray Detailer

Protects all types of surfaces for up to 3 months

Finishing Pad


Polishing Pads




Polishing Pads