Production Facilities

At Tuffi-IMD, our production equipments include the Humantec Computerised Cutting System, Ring Perforating and Embossing System, PFAFF specialised sewing and Docu-Seam Systems etc. Our computerized cutting systems cost S$800,000 and this shows our commitment to technology and quality.

Our teams of specialised technicians and engineers taking care of Design, Template Development, Sewing, Fitting and Installation are committed to delivering the highest Quality seats as far as materials and technology can offer.

Our products meet OEM specifications, and we supply to car distributors, importers, agents etc.

Humantec Leather Cutting System

Each leather hide is a unique natural product; therefore it requires special conditions for the processing. The most important part of the hide is its individual surface structure, Flaws (holes, tears, scars) and colour. However, they are not the only things to consider during leather cutting. Hence, with this Humantec Leather Cutter that notes all such details, we are able to have optimum nesting of dies and pattern for each hide.

PFAFF Docu-Seam Machine

Over the last few years, the installation of air bags in new cars has become more common.

Tuffi-IMD uses PFAFF Docu-Seam System to perform the stitching on this critical seam. The PFAFF Docu-Seam System is a quality assurance system designed for car seat manufacture with integrated air bag and the production of other safety relevant seams. It controls and guarantees perfect sewing of the rupture point in the car seat cover where the side air bag has to break out and unfold when an accident happens. Our highly trained technician monitors the air bag sewing process. In addition, the airbag label will only be printed out if the system qualifies the process performed by the technician.

To ensure the safety of our air bag seam, our partner carries out most of the air bag testing on our behalf with MIRA. We are proud to say all testing with MIRA has gain full compliance with the requirements for air bag seam.

Embroidery and Embossing

We can customize embroidery and embossing of logos and names according to customer’s requirement. Embroidery is a high quality and cost effective way of adding the personal touch to the interior.