Tuffi Tech

Tuffi Tech represents Dinol, supplying anti-corrosion inhibiting compounds (CIC) and application equipment for aviation Automotive Aftermarket, Bus and Truck industry, Marine and other industries for countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and China.

The Dinol systems offer comprehensive and highly efficient solutions to the automotive, industrial, marine and commercial industries. They are applicable in the following areas:

  • Corrosion prevention
  • Vehicle glass replacement bonding
  • Vehicle body repair and car care
  • Structural bonding and sealing
  • Crack detectors

High quality systems of DINOL comprise:

  • Products manual
  • Equipment
  • Warranty systems
  • Spraying diagrams
  • Training and education programmes


Dinitrol 3850 provides long term protection and is resistant to abrasion. It is a heavy-duty product having a waxy film.

Dinitrol 975 is a water based temporary corrosion prevention fluid, providing a long term protection.

Dinitrol 25 provides to metal parts that have been processed in or exposed to water emulsifying cutting fluid during the surface treatment processes. This product has good water displacing properties.

Dinitrol 510 is a waterborne fluid, that prevents corrosion on steel and iron submerged in water


Clean the surfaces of parts to be examined thoroughly of oil and other greasy pollutions with SIM Cleaner and dry carefully afterwards.

Apply SIM Indicator generously on the surfaces of the parts by dipping, brushing, or spraying. After 5-10 minutes’ exposure, remove the bulk of indicator and the remainder with SIM cleaner or water. Wipe parts clean. Leave the cleaner in contact with the parts for as short as possible, not more than 2 minutes.

Shake SIM Developer vigorously, until the balls are heard clearly, and apply a thin, even layer. Too thick a layer entails vague indication.

A few seconds after the application of SIM Developer, defects on the surface, if any, begin to appear. The indication gradually increases in intensity and is definitive after about 10 minutes. In certain case a  somewhat longer developing time is required.


Nowadays windscreen bonding is adopted on a wide scale by the world-wide vehicle industry as the glazing system for vehicles.

For tomorrow’s vehicle construction windscreen bonding will continue to point the way because it enables optimum car design in terms of aerodynamics, aesthetics, and strength.

The vehicle industry is becoming increasingly competitive and manufacturers are constantly required to improve their products. The experience and knowledge we have drawn from the work together with the vehicle manufacturers is now benefiting the Aftermarket

You can, therefore, when using a DINITROL DG-PUR product, be sure that it has the same high quality as the vehicle manufacturers request. Another sign of the high quality DINITROL DG-PUR product is the ISO 9001 and TUV certificates. With the complete product range you can easily change all types of windscreen industry as the glazing system for vehicles.