Tuffi Cool Solar Film

Enjoy Cooler Comfort with Tuffi-Cool Using 3M Solar Film

We use the highest quality raw film (a patented scratch-resistant technology) to ensure optimum clarity and it provides you with unbeatable performance.

The scratch-resistant coating on the film assures you better visibility without compromising on its capacity to filter out harmful rays.

The film filters out infrared rays and harmful ultraviolet radiation to ensure a healthier driving experience for you. It also protects you against shattering glass in the event of an accident.

It increases the efficiency of the car’s air-conditioning even under severe interior heat conditions. The film stays durable because of its special adhesive formula that is designed for greater “peel strength”.

The film sticks neatly with our skilled workmanship and you are guaranteed against cracking and peeling or de-lamination.

Energy Saving & Extra cooling

Tuffi-Cool has a reflectivity closer to that of glass, your driving would be comfortable in the day and night, in any kind of light conditions. Unlike other films, Tuffi-Cool does not interfere with cell phone or TV reception.

More than a Decoration for Office and Home Windows

Tuffi-Cool range of product also includes spectrally selective window films for office and homes. They make your windows attractive while blocking out infrared and ultraviolet radiation from sun rays. It means spending less on air-condition and power.

It also protects your interior furnishings from weathering and heat coming through the windows. Tuffi-Cool protects you against accidental shattering of glass. The film clings tightly to the glass and prevents it from scattering all around and injuring people.

Tuffi-Cool film will discourage intruders and burglars who try to break the glass and enter. In the case of an explosion, the film will minimize the chance of a big fire and other damages.

Tuff-Cool is available in different colors, and finishes, in a thickness from 1.5- 14mil for various applications.

We provide different 3M package for your vehicle to suit your needs including the Crystalline Classic and Crystalline Plus package.