Tuff-Kote Dinol

Rustproof Your Cars and Equipments with Tuff Kote


Commercial Vehicle

Trucks, Vans, Pick-ups

Luxury SUV near the sea with dramatic sunset sky


4-Doors, SUV, MPV


Industrial Vehicles

Fork Lifts, Oil Tankers, Excavators, Armoured Vehicles


Marine Vessels



Industrial Equipments

Windmills, Bridges

Your Car Needs Tuff Kote…

• If you intend to keep your new vehicle for many years

• If you work near the sea-side or at off-shore islands

• If you carry corrosive items like seafood, chemicals, etc.

• If you regularly drive through unpaved roads e.g. construction sites, military zones etc.

• If you buy a used vehicle or renew your COE or wish to keep your car for many years.

Trust the World’s Largest Rustproofer For New & Used Cars

Even the best car cannot prevent rust from starting. Every time your car moves, even the best galvanized protection, sealers and sealants at the joints may crack and get eroded away by the vibration. The severe corrosive condition in Singapore makes additional protection necessary.

Even the best driver cannot ensure a dent-free, knock-free car. Repaired areas will begin to rust after a few months. Tuffi is the only professional in Singapore with more than 40 years experience who is able to thoroughly rustproof the repaired areas as our unique material can penetrate 40mm upwards and kill existing rust.

What To Do When Accident Areas Already Have Rust After Repair?

Repaired areas get rusted through after a few months. Why? Because the metal was weakened during knocking and welding. Only Tuff-Kote is effective on repaired areas because Tuff-Kote penetrates and kills existing rust at the same time. If your car already has Tuff-Kote, your insurance covers this re-Tuff-Kote cost.

Even If You Are Keeping The Car For Only 3-4 Years, You Need Tuff-Kote

Used car buyers always check for rust and the car condition. It is cheaper to rustproof your car than to get your re-sale price depreciated by $2K – $6K because of the buyer’s uncertainty of the car condition. At least it shows the buyer that the previous owner takes care of his car.