System 6

Protect Your Paintwork with System 6

Nano 9H Ceramic or Teflon Polymer

The painted surface of car is porous and full of minute pinholes. Dirt and grime get trapped inside the pores and oxidize the paint. As a result, with UV exposure, the paint would get tarnished, causing it to age and wear out prematurely.

The System 6 paint protection seals the pores with a thin coating on the paintwork to enhance and lengthen the brilliance and shine of your car.

Our paint protection is non-flammable, UV resistant, repels the majority of liquid and withstands a wide temperature range and weathering.

After some time, dirt and pollution will dull down the shine of System 6. To keep your car looking good, you should re-gloss & restore the brilliance of System 6 every 3 months.

System 6 has to be professionally applied to fill the pores and pinholes of the car’s paintwork and protect the paint from UV rays and weathering.

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Step 1: Exterior Wash

Shampoo or high pressure solvent wash
Blow dry with compressed air

Step 2: Super cleaner

Clean with super water-displacing cleaner

Step 3: Paint Sealant

Remove over-spray, dirt, pollutants, etc.
Apply super cleaner
Apply S6 sealant
Final detailing

Step 4: Rubber Brite protection

Apply special rubber protection to moulding etc.

Step 5: Vinyl Protection

Vacuum the car interior
Apply vinyl dressing

Step 6: Tyre Dressing

Apply tyre dressing
Clean up at the rim