System 6 Paint Protection

Your Car Needs

• The painted surface of car is porous and full of minute pinholes. Dirt and grime get trapped inside the pores and oxidize the paint. As a result, with UV, the paint would get tarnished, looks old and weathers prematurely.

• System 6 paint protection is to seal the pores effectively and enhances the brilliance and shine of the paint.

• System 6 paint protection is not a DIY (Do It Yourself) as the paint surfaces have to be professionally prepared to receive the System 6 Sealant.

• There are two types of System 6 Paint Sealant:
1. Nano Teflon Paint Sealant
2. Nano Ceramic 9H Paint Sealant

• Both are effective but different properties.

System 6 Nano PTFE Paint Protection


System 6 Nano Ceramic 9H Paint Protection

1. Both systems can  be demonstrated with actual water repellent and water beady test after application.

2. The Nano Ceramic 9H Sealant costs very much more in material costs.

3. Although both preparation procedures and requirements are the same, the Nano PTFE Paint Protection is easier to apply with no worry about error in the sealant application process and the whole vehicle can be processed continuously.

4. Nano Ceramic 9H on the other hand has to be applied panel by panel due to its application properties and therefore it is more time consuming and tedious. And if any error occurs during application, the whole panel has to be redone from the start.

5. After some time, dirt and pollution will dull down the shine of either system. However, the sealant in the pores will continue to protect.

6. That is why for whichever system you choose, you should restore the brilliance of your car paint by removing the layer of dirt and add an additional coat of protection with regular re-glossing.

System 6 Nano PTFE Paint Protection

PTFE is a well-known chemical resistant, lubricating and slippery material. We have developed this Paint Protection with new technology with an addition of UV Protection filter.


  • Increase gloss for your car
  • Hologram reducing
  • Increase paint life by 40 – 50%
  • Reduce dirt accumulation by 70 – 80%
  • Strengthen the paint gloss and increase protection against UV, oxidation, and rain, etc.
  • Durability of 150 hand washes by sponge with strong car shampoo

System 6 Nano Ceramic 9H Paint Protection

System 6 Nano Ceramic 9H is the ultimate paint protection against environment effects. The unique technology allows a film resistant against acid rain and UV. It enables easier cleaning of cars and your car stay more clean and shiny.

As with all paint protection systems, this semi-permanent film will be dulled by dirt, pollution etc. We, therefore have a re-gloss program to remove the dirt and pollution, and re-instate the gloss and shine.


  • Durability of approximately 12 months with 50 car washings at -40°C to 40°C and approximately 36 months with 150 car washings at -20°C to 30°C
  • Pencil hardness of 9H
  • Scratch resistant, water repellant, oil repellent and hologram reducing.

Visit or call to understand the difference between Nano Ceramic 9H & Teflon Polymer


Step 1: Exterior Wash

Shampoo or high pressure solvent wash
Blow dry with compressed air

Step 2: Super cleaner

Clean with super water-displacing cleaner

Step 3: Paint Sealant

Remove over-spray, dirt, pollutants, etc.
Apply super cleaner
Apply S6 sealant
Final detailing

Step 4: Rubber Brite protection

Apply special rubber protection to moulding etc.

Step 5: Vinyl Protection

Vacuum the car interior
Apply vinyl dressing

Step 6: Tyre Dressing

Apply tyre dressing
Clean up at the rim