Sound-Clad Soundproofing


Modern cars have better engines but drivers and passengers could still be disturbed by noises produced by wind, vibration, fluttering, tyres and transmission as a result of thinner materials.

Make your drive quieter and more comfortable with Sound-Clad, a high pressure spray-on material specifically developed for this purpose.

Sound-Clad is a dense sound-absorbing undercoating with outstanding cohesive characteristic which can be applied over all common underbody surfaces.

Sound-Clad is lighter in weight, non moisture-absorbent, and remains flexible to expand and contract with the metal in all temperatures. In addition to sound deadening, sound-clad effectively seals out dust on the underside of your car.

Sound-Clad is also compatible with the ever reliable Tuff-Kote Dinol rustproofing. Now, you can enjoy the double-benefit of rustproofing as well as sound-proofing your car-ride.

Sound-Clad Spray On

Sound-Clad is sprayed on the underside and all mud guards of your car. This spraying process completely coats all metal surfaces, and provides a flexible sound-absorbent layer to effectively deaden road noise, seal out dust and moisture.

Sound-Clad can be applied over Tuff-Kote Dinol Rustproofing and is recommended for all new and used vehicles in all type of climate.