Leather-Kote Leather Conditioner

Protect Your Seats And Re-instate The Smell of Fine Traditional Leather With Leather-Kote Protection

Protect your car leather seats with Leather Kote, a clear non-staining conditioner which restores, softens, and protects the leather against immediate penetration of stains and sweats.

Before applying leather-kote, we clean the leather with special cleaners and it usually takes 45-90 minutes. (Badly dirtied seats may take 4-5 hours or even longer)

The price you pay will depend on the extent of cleaning required.

Get Leather-Kote protection after 1-3 month’s use of your new car, by then, the leather would have been stretched and the pores are open for leather conditioning.

Leather-Kote protection done every 3 months helps to minimize the stains and deterioration, making the car seats feel and look good after each treatment.

Our cleaner and conditioner are available for DIY enthusiasts.

  • You can’t see it
  • You can’t feel it
  • Yet Leather-Kote is at work invisibly protecting your car’s interior against spills and stains