Heat Resistant Protection


Engine Protection
(Heat-resistant of more than 200o C)


  • Transparent Beige
  • Engine Protection
  • High temperature resistant
  • High adhesion
  • UV-detectable version available
  • Long term – permanent

Areas of Application:

DINITROL 4010 leaves a hard, transparent film that is resistant to both alkali and acids.

DINITROL 4010 is heat resistant up to a temperature of more than 200o C.

DINITROL 4010 has a shiny and clean film which facilitates a visual inspection of metal surfaces, reading of labels and numbers etc.

The adhesion and flexibility on rubber and plastic parts at both low and high temperatures are very good.

Appropriate parts to be treated with DINITROL 4010 are engine compartments, engines and other parts which have to withstand high temperatures.

Method of Use:

DINITROL 4010 should be applied on a clean, dry surface.

High or low pressure equipment can be used, airless or airmix.

Application temperature between 15 – 30  C.

Product hardness, flexibility and adhesion increases at higher drying temperatures.


Aluminium Paint Spray
(Heat-resistant at – + 400o C)


DINITROL 8050 Aluminium Paint Spray is a heat-resistant decorative spray with good corrosion protection, the pigment of which consists of 99.5% pure aluminium.

Areas of Application:

Particularly suitable for exhaust systems, heating pipes and systems, wood charcoal trays for barbecuing, etc.  Through a temperature effect of over 300o C, the material is made completely wipe-proof.

Method of Use:

The substrate to be treated must be cleaned to remove oil, loose paint residue.

All residues must be removed.  Spray a fine coat of DINITROL 8050 Aluminium Spray onto the dry substrate.  If applying thicker layers, allow to dry between coats.  Carry out a suitability test before using in special applications.


Zinc Paint Spray, light
(Heat-resistant approx. 200o C)


DINITROL 444 Zinc Paint Spray light is a quick-drying corrosion protection product with long-term effectiveness for all metals.  The material combination of metallic zinc and aluminium pigments makes this product particularly user-friendly, given that in contrast to pure zinc dust paints.  It is dapted optically to zinc-plated surfaces.  DINITROL 444 Zinc Paint Spray light ensures sparing dosage.  Brief spraying is enough to achieve a protection film of 20 – 30 my.

Areas of Application:

In all bodywork tasks to improve damaged zinc layers as a conductive intermediate layer for spot welding, as an undercoat for water and weather-susceptible systems, to cover drilled areas and welds, as general corrosion protection on metal surfaces.

Method of Use:

DINITROL 444 can be sprayed with synthetic resin lacquers after approx. 20 – 30 minutes. If the synthetic resin lacquer is to be applied with a brush, wait 1 hour before proceeding.

DINITROL 444 Zinc Paint Spray light can be treated with nitrocelluslose, chloride rubber or other aggressive lacquers after approx. 1 hour.  These lacquers are applied in fine coats. If the lacquers are to be applied with a brush, please wait 24 hours before proceeding. Synthetic resin thinner can be used as a cleaning agent.