Tuff Clad

Tuff Clad is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for car grooming and rust-proofing solutions.

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Tuff-Kote Dinol

Prevent your car from rust. You can easily get back the small investment of Tuff-Kote from savings on rust repair costs or loss in re-sale value of your car.

System 6

Not the normal ordinary waxing and polishing. It's a revolutionary paint protection system that brings out the glow!


It is a dense sound-absorbing undercoating with outstanding cohesive characteristics which can be applied over all common body surfaces.

Tuffi Cool with 3M Solar Film

Energy-saving and extra-cooling. The LTA-compliant solar film uses scratch resistant technology to achieve optimum clarity while driving.


Protect your car seat with Leather Kote, a clear non-staining conditioner which restores, softens, and protects the leather against immediate penetration of stains and sweat.


With Foam-Kleen, AIR-CON EVAPORATOR CLEANER, the chemical-foam system flushes clean your car's evaporator, which can be breeding ground for mould, fungi, bacteria, and pollutants from the outside air, if left untreated.

Windscreen Replacement Centre

- Windscreen / Glass repair for various insurance companies
- Polishing and De-waxing

DIY Products for Car Owners

DIY Products for car owners